Rain Ring

Mission Board Quest









Rain Ring






+10% HP
+10% Physical Attack
+10% Magic Attack Resistance to Water +20%
Resistance to Fire +20%

+10% HP

+10% Physical Attack

+10% Magic Attack

Resistance to Water+20%

Resistance to Fire +20%


Item Requirements:

Kindly click the "Item Name/Monster Name" for you to know who drop the item or where the monster spawn.

x250 Rainbow Shell

x250 Strong Vine

x5    Turquoise

x6 Ancient Cape

x300    Kill    = Swordfish (total spawn of 100)

x50      Kill    = Deviace (total spawn of 3 or 10 in endless tower).

x150    Kill    = Strouf (total spawn of 50)

300     Kill    = Phen (total spawn of 58+)

x1 Rare Gold Coin



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