Sigrun Wing Quest Guide
NPC Named: Dopont

Sigrun Wings has Different Colors as you see the picture given below
But it has The same Effects.

Talk to "Dopont" She will tell you the Effects of Sigrun Wings.

Sigrun Wings
A Mid Headgear of Victory That Gives
Allstats +5, Increase Physical and Magical Damage Against
Against Holy and Fire by 5%
There are several questions that you need to answer.
Note: We will not post the answers here because you need to answer it on your own way
(Its easy don't worry)
After answering all the question that was given by "Dopont"
She will gave you the Item Requirements for Sigrun Wings.

note: if you don't have the exact requirements she will tell you this.

After getting all the items required talk to her and
she will ask you to pick a color you want.

Your name will be broadcast that you already finished the Sigrun Wings Quest!

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